Thoughts on being a Grandma for the first time…

This is the post excerpt.

Since I have just become a brand new “Ma” I thought I thought I would honor the occasion by sharing it with you…

BF ( Big Fella) and I are supper excited as you can imagine to welcome our brand new grand baby into the world. Everyone tells you how wonderful it is but I guess its a bit like raising your own child… until you’ve gone through it you don’t really understand.

At first we were elated when our Beautiful Daughter in Law went into labor but it dragged on as little miss wasn’t ready to greet the world yet… And yes when it finally happened there were tears… Both happiness and relief that all had gone well…

There she was – a beautiful perfect amazing little mix of her Mum and Dad… super long fingers and feet, dark hair, tiny little ears and a button nose and best of all that little mouth… a perfect pout like her Mumma.

So we have had a cuddle, shared the joy with the in-laws and satisfied ourselves that all is well with our little family so back home to the Making… with renewed vigor (so many presents to make for little miss)

Author: makebakegrowathome

Aussie Wife, Mum of Three and Grandma who enjoys crafting, cooking and gardening...

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