Little Crochet Houses Pattern & Tutorial

This Cute little pattern is from the very talented Aki @knitpurlhook
I am definitely going to try this one.


Hi everyone,

I finally sat down to put the tutorial together for these cute little houses. I am so in love with them that I can literally make these all day long! Maybe that’s what I’ll do this evening!

Little Crochet houses Little Crochet houses

I saw this cute little bunting on Pinterest a few months back and knew right away I had to give these a try. So out came some yarn & a hook and after a few trials and errors, I finally settled on a pattern I was happy with.

Little crochet houses Little crochet houses

Now these are made top down so they will appear to be upside down in the pictures below, but worry not! Once we done with them, a quick flip and they will be ready to move in!


Materials needed Materials needed

Any yarn and a one hook size smaller than the recommended size. (I have used an Aran…

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