My Scented Garden

I love this time of year in the garden (actually I love all times of the year in the garden) as it smells divine… even though my garden is mostly tropical and native plants i have planted a few scented including a gardenia hedge!


When oldest got engaged we had a garden party to celebrate and I had the inspiration to plant a gardenia hedge, this year it has really come into its own. I am hoping it just gets better with age. I do trim it often to get  it nice and thick…

Another favorite is Night Jasmine (although it is very strong and gives some people a headache) Our family loves it and fortunately are not allergic to it. Summer nights with the smell of Night Jasmine drifting in the window are hard to beat.


We also have star Jasmine, Native Gardenia, Frangipani’s and an old favorite that we call yesterday, today and tomorrow…20171120_075303

I would like to add some lavender and more herbs as well.

As I love my scented plants I would love to hear of any others that i should add…